Mick Ronson

Mick Ronson (May 26, 1946 — April 29, 1993) was an English guitarist and producer from Kingston upon Hull who rose to prominence as a member of David Bowie‘s 1970–73 backing band The Spiders from Mars. During this time, he also laid licks on select recordings by Lou Reed, Michael Chapman, and Dana Gillespie. As a solo artist, Ronson released the album Slaughter on 10th Avenue on RCA in 1974, followed by Play Don’t Worry in 1975. During the ensuing 15-year period, he notched production credits on albums by Ian Hunter, Dead Fingers Talk, the Rich Kids, Ellen Foley, Payola$, Urgent, and Dalbello.


  • Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1974)
  • Play Don’t Worry (1975)
  • Y U I Orta (1990 • Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson)
  • Heaven and Hull (1994)
  • Just Like This [archival] (1999)
  • The Secret Sessions (1999 • Laing, Hunter, Ronson & Pappalardi)
  • Indian Summer [archival, motion picture soundtrack] (2000)

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