Michael Gibbs

Michael Gibbs (born Sept. 25, 1937) is a Rhodesian jazz-rock/Third Stream trombonist, keyboardist, composer, conductor, and producer. He started recording as a leader in 1970, having established his reputation among the U.S. New Music cognoscenti during the early 1960s and on the U.K. jazz and rock scenes during the latter part of the decade. During the first half of the ’70s, he headed four jazz-rock/big band albums and released a collaborative set with vibist Gary Burton. Gibbs subsequently moved into production and soundtrack work.


  • Michael Gibbs (1970)
  • Tanglewood 63 (1971)
  • Just Ahead (live, 1972)
  • In the Public Interest (with Gary Burton, 1974)
  • The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra (1975)
  • Big Music (1988)

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