M.I.A. (Músicos Independientes Asociados)

M.I.A. — short for Músicos Independientes Asociados — were an Argentine classical/rock/folk band that released three studio albums and two live sets during the late 1970s.

Members: Lito Vitale (keyboards, drums) Liliana Vitale (vocals, drums), Daniel Curto (guitar), Nono Belvis (bass), Juan Del Barrio (keyboards, drums), Alberto Muñoz (guitar, bass)

The Vitale siblings both embarked on solo careers during the 1980s while Del Barrio formed Suéter amid brief stints with Spinetta Jade and Los Abuelos de la Nada.

Studio discography:

  • Transparencias (1976)
  • Mágicos Juegos del Tiempo (1977)
  • Cornonstípicum (1978)

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