Mi-Sex was a New Zealand new wave band that released four albums between 1979 and 1983 on CBS–Epic.

Members: Don Martin (bass), Murray Burns (keyboards), Richard Hodgkinson (drums, 1977-1981), Steve Gilpin (vocals, 1977-1984), Kevin Stanton (guitar, 1977-1986), Paul Dunningham (drums, 1981-present), Colin Bailey (guitar, 1983-present)

In late 1978, Mi-Sex debuted with the single “Straight Laddie” on EMI (NZ). Gilpin and Stanton co-wrote the song and collaborated with Martin on the b-side, “High Class Dame.”

Graffiti Crimes [aka Computer Games]

Mi-Sex released their debut album, Graffiti Crimes, in July 1979 on CBS. It contains their second single “But You Don’t Care,” one of eight songs co-written by guitarist Kevin Stanton. Each side contains a group-written number (“A Loser,” “Wot Do You Want?”) and a co-write with singer Steve Gilpin (“Stills,” “21-20”).

Keyboardist Murray Burns co-wrote “But You Don’t Care” and collaborated with the pair on “Not Such a Bad Boy.” Stanton lone-wrote the epic album-closer “Inside You.” Side Two contains songs submitted by Kiwi guitarist and future member Colin Bayley (“I Wanna Be with You”) and (ex-Tamburlaine, 1860 Band) musician Rob Winch (“Camera Kazi”).

In September 1979, Mi-Sex scored a breakthrough hit with their standalone third single “Computer Games,” which CBS affixed to Side Two of subsequent Graffiti Crimes pressings. In 1980, the album appeared in North America and Japan as Computer Games with the new title track affixed to Side One.

1. “Graffiti Crimes” (3:52)
2. “Wot Do You Want?” (2:58)
3. “But You Don’t Care” (4:06)
4. “Not Such a Bad Boy” (2:45)
5. “Stills” (5:56)

6. “21-20” (3:15)
7. “I Wanna Be with You” (2:43)
8. “Camera Kazi” (5:28)
9. “A Loser” (2:58)
10. “Inside You” (3:18)

Recorded April & May 1979
Studio Studios 301, Sydney, Australia

“But You Don’t Care” / “Burn Up”
Released: May 1979

“Computer Games”
Released: 1 October 1979
Australia/New Zealand 7″ (BA 222563)
A. “Computer Games” (3:54)
“Wot Do You Want?” – 2:55
Australian 12″
“Computer Games” (Disco Version) – 4:41
“Graffiti Crimes” – 3:49

Graffiti Crimes reached No. 6 in New Zealand and No. 16 on the Australian Kent Music Report.

Space Race

Mi-Sex released their second album, Space Race, in May 1980 on CBS and Epic. It contains six co-writes between keyboardist Murray Burns and guitarist Kevin Stanton, a lone-wrote “Living in September” and co-wrote “Slippin’ Out” with singer Steve Gilpin, who third-wheeled on “People” and “It Only Hurts When I’m Laughing.” Drummer Richard Hodgkinson was a fourth writer on the penultimate track “Burning Up.”

1. “Space Race” (3:44)
2. “Pages and Matches” (2:30)
3. “Living in September” (2:41)
4. “I Don’t Know” (2:27)
5. “Slippin’ Out” (3:08)
6. “It Only Hurts When I’m Laughing” (4:18)

7. “People” (3:49)
8. “Good Guys Always Win (Satire)” (3:17)
9. “Ghosts” (3:42)
10. “Burning Up” (3:35)
11. “Ice Cold Dead” (4:16)

Studio Studios 301, Music Farms Studios, Sydney
Producer Peter Dawkins

“People” / “Pages and Matches”
Released: March 1980

“Space Race” / “Living In September”
Released: June 1980

“It Only Hurts When I’m Laughing” / “I Don’t Know”
Released: August 1980

Space Race reached No. 1 in New Zealand and No. 5 in Australia.


Mi-Sex released their third album, Shanghaied, in October 1981 on CBS.

Where Do They Go?

Mi-Sex released their fourth album, Where Do They Go?, in November 1983 on CBS.


  • Graffiti Crimes [aka Computer Games] (1979)
  • Space Race (1980)
  • Shanghaied (1981)
  • Where Do They Go? (1983)


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