Metro Farce

Metro Farce were a Japanese New Wave band from Tokyo that released two EPs and an album on Kitchen Records in 1982, followed by two albums on Egg-Man and three on Captain Records between 1984 and 1988.

Members: 伊藤ヨタロウ [Yotaro Ito] (keyboards, vocals), 光永”GUN”巌 [Gun Mitsunagwa] (guitar, vocals), バカボン鈴木 [Bakabon Suzuki, aka Vagabond Suzuki] (bass, mandolin, vocals), ライオン・メリ [Lion Merry] (keyboards, vocals), 岩瀬”チャバネ”雅彦 [Masahiko “Chabane” Iwase] (drums), 小滝満 [Mitsuru Kotaki] (keyboards, vocals), 三原重夫 [Shigeo Mihara] (drums), 横川タダヒコ [Yokogawa Tadahiko, aka 横川理彦] (mandolin, violin, vocals), 石坪信也 [Ishitsubo Shinya, aka Bossi], 田村玄一 [Genichi Tamura] (acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals)


  • Barizanbeaux (1983)
  • Pipi Zazou (1984)
  • Touzoku Domo No Yakaifuku (1985)
  • Gaia (1988)
  • Good Morning Mr. Talisman (1989)

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