Metallica is an American metal band that spearheaded the US thrash scene with the 1983–84 albums Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lightning. They shot to fame with their 1986 Elektra release Master of Puppets and its 1988 two-record followup …And Justice for All.

Members: Lars Ulrich (drums), James Hetfield (guitar, vocals), Hugh Tanner (guitar, 1981), Lloyd Grant (guitar, 1981), Ron McGovney (bass, 1981-82), Dave Mustaine (guitar, 1982-83), Cliff Burton (bass, 1982-86), Kirk Hammett (guitar, 1983-present), Jason Newsted (bass, 1986-2001), Robert Trujillo (bass, 2003-present)

Metallica formed in late 1981 after Danish drummer Lars Ulrich landed in Los Angeles and linked with guitarist–singer James Hetfield through an ad in The Recycler, a local music weekly.

No Life ’til Leather

In 1982, Metallica cut No Life ’til Leather, a one-sided cassette demo EP with seven songs.

A1. “Hit the Lights” (4:22)
A2. “The Mechanics” (4:29)
A3. “Motorbreath” (3:19)
A4. “Seek & Destroy” (4:59)
A5. “Metal Militia” (5:19)
A6. “Jump In the Fire” (3:52)
A7. “Phantom Lord” (3:35)

Kill ‘Em All

Metallica released their debut album, Kill ‘Em All, on July 25, 1983, on Megaforce.

A1. “Hit the Lights” (4:17)
A2. “The Four Horsemen” (7:08)
A3. “Motorbreath” (3:03)
A4. “Jump in the Fire” (4:50)
A5. “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” (3:27)
A6. “Whiplash” (4:06)
B1. “Phantom Lord” (4:52)
B2. “No Remorse” (6:24)
B3. “Seek & Destroy” (6:50)
B4. “Metal Militia” (5:11)

Ride the Lightning

Metallica released their second album, Ride the Lightning, on July 27, 1984, on Megaforce.

A1. “Fight Fire With Fire” (4:44)
A2. “Ride the Lightning” (6:36)
A3. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” (5:10)
A4. “Fade to Black” (6:56)
B1. “Trapped Under Ice” (4:03)
B2. “Escape” (4:23)
B3. “Creeping Death” (6:36)
B4. “The Call of Ktulu” (8:52)

Recorded At – Sweet Silence Studios
Producer, Cover [Concept] – Metallica
Producer [Assistant] – Flemming Rasmussen, Mark Whitaker
Engineer – Flemming Rasmussen

Bass – Cliff Burton
Drums – Lars Ulrich
Lead Guitar – Kirk Hammett
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – James Hetfield

Cover Design – AD Artists

Master of Puppets

Metallica released their third album, Master of Puppets, on March 3, 1986, on Elektra.

A1. “Battery” (5:10)
A2. “Master of Puppets” (8:38)
A3. “The Thing That Should Not Be” (6:32)
A4. “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” (6:28)
B1. “Disposable Heroes” (8:14)
B2. “Leper Messiah” (5:38)
B3. “Orion” (8:12)
B4. “Damage, Inc.” (5:08)

…And Justice for All

Metallica released their fourth album, …And Justice for All, on August 25, 1988, on Elektra.

A1. “Blackened” (6:40)
A2. “…And Justice for All” (9:44)
B1. “Eye of the Beholder” (6:25)
B2. “One” (7:24)
C1. “The Shortest Straw” (6:35)
C2. “Harvester of Sorrow” (5:42)
C3. “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” (7:40)
D1. “To Live Is to Die” (9:48)
D2. “Dyers Eve” (5:12)


  • No Life ’til Leather (cassette EP, 1982)
  • Kill ‘Em All (1983)
  • Ride the Lightning (1984)
  • Master of Puppets (1986)
  • …And Justice for All (1988)
  • Metallica (1991)
  • S&M (live, 1999)


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