Mess were an Estonian symphonic/space-rock ensemble that was active during the mid-to-late 1970s. During 1975 and 1976, roughly an hour’s worth of music was recorded for a proposed concept album. The project would go unheard until a 53-minute CD of the recordings appeared in 1995 on the Bella Musica label. A 62-minute remastered cut of the lost album, now titled Küsi Eneselt, was released in 2004 by Strangiato Records.

Members: Sven Grünberg (vocals, keyboards), Elmu Värk (guitar, 1974-76), Mati Timmermann (bass, 1974-76), Ivar Sipra (drums, 1974-76), Andrus Vaht (percussion, drums), Leho Läte (oboe), Valdek Põld (horn), Härmo Härm (electronics), Ain Varts (guitar, 1976-78), Toivo Unt (bass, 1976-78)

The Mess nameplate appeared on a 1980 split-release with the band’s keyboardist and musical director Sven Grünberg, who subsequently recorded solo as an electronic artist.

  • Mess (1995, recorded 1975–76)
  • Küsi Eneselt (2004, recorded 1975–76)
  • Sven Grünberg / Mess (EP, 1980 • Sven Grünberg / Mess)

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