Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara are a Spanish hard-rock band that released three albums on CBS between 1979 and 1982, followed by numerous titles from 1987 onward, mostly on Avispa.

Members: Pablo Rabadán (keyboards), Manuel S. Molina (bass), Manuel Martínez (vocals), José A. Molina (drums), Miguel Galán (guitar), Antonio Fernández (keyboards), Randy López (bass), Paco Ventura (guitar), Alfonso Ortega (keyboards), Manuel Ibáñez (keyboards), Manuel Reyes (drums, 1989-2012), José Miguel Fernández (bass, 1991-2006)


  • Medina Azahara (1979)
  • La Esquina del Viento (1981)
  • Andalucía (1982)
  • Caravana Española (1987)
  • … En Al-Hakim (1989)

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