Mecki Mark Men

Mecki Mark Men were a Swedish psychedelic rock band that released a self-titled 1967 album on Philips, followed by the 1969 Limelight release Running in the Summer Night and the 1971 Sonet title Marathon. Percussionist Thomas Mera Gartz did numerous sessions and became a folk-psych solo artist.

Members: Mecki Bodemark (organ, vocals), Björn Fredholm (drums, 1966-67), Clas Svanberg (guitar, 1966-68), Hans Nordström (saxophone, flute, 1966-68), Thomas Mera Gartz (drums, vibraphone, sitar, 1966-68), Kenny Håkansson (guitar, 1968-71), Bella Fehrlin [Bengt Linnarsson] (bass, 1968-71), Pelle Ekman (drums, 1968-71), Anders Sjöstedt (trumpet, 1979-80), Bo Svensson (saxophone, 1979-80), Jan Kullhammar (drums, 1979-80), Staffan Lindros (guitar, vocals, 1979-80)

Mecki Mark Men formed in 1966 in Stockholm.


  • Mecki Mark Men (1967)
  • Running in the Summer Night (1969)
  • Marathon (1971)
  • Flying High (1979)


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