Maximum Joy

Maximum Joy were an English art-funk/dub band from Bristol that released three 1981/82 singles and the 1982 album Station MXJY on Y Records, followed by a final single on Garage Records.

Members: Janine Rainforth (vocals, violin, clarinet, 1979-83), John Waddington (guitar), Tony Wrafter (saxophone, flute, trumpet, 1979-82), Kevin Evans (bass, piano, vocals), Dan Catsis (bass), Charlie Llewellin (drums), Jeremy Hirsh (trumpet, 1982-83), Nellee Hooper (electronic drums, 1982-83), Peta (vocals, 1983)

Album discography:

  • Station MXJY (1982)

Singles discography:

  • “Stretch” / “Silent Street” (1981)
  • “Do It Today” / “Touchdown” (1982 • Maximum Joy / The Higsons)
  • “In the Air” / “Simmer Till Done” (1982)
  • “White and Green Place” / “Building Bridges” (1982)
  • “Why Cant We Live Together” / “Man of Tribes” (1983)

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