Matumbi were an English reggae/lovers-rock band from London that issued three singles in 1973 and a fourth in 1976, each on a different label. After a trio of 1976/77 singles on self-press Matumbi Music Corp, the band released three albums on EMI/Harvest between 1978 and 1981, plus a dub LP on Extinguish Records. The band’s final album, Testify, appeared on Solid Groove Records in 1982.

Members: Tex Dixon (vocals), Euton “Fergus” Jones (drums, percussion), Errol Pottinger (guitar, vocals), Eaton “Jah” Blake (bass), Lannie “Bevin” Fagan [aka Bagga] (vocals, bass), Nicholas Bailey (vocals), Dennis Bovell [aka Blackbeard] (guitar, vocals), Webster Johnson [aka Taz] (keyboards), Glaister Fagan [aka More Ears] (vocals, guitar), Lloyd “Jah Bunny” Donaldson (drums)


  • Seven Seals (1978)
  • Point of View (1979)
  • Dub Planet Orbit 1 (1980)
  • Matumbi (1981)
  • Testify (1982)

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