Matrix were an American jazz-rock band from Appleton, Wisc., that released four albums between 1976 and 1980.

Members: Larry Darling (trumpet, flugel horn, Moog, percussion, vocals), Kurt Dietrich (trombone, synthesizer, vocals), Mike Hale (trumpet, flugel horn, congas, percussion, vocals), John Harmon (piano, electric piano, synthesizer, percussion), John Kirchberger (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, alto flute, percussion), Brad McDougall (bass trombone, valve trombone, percussion, vocals), Mike Murphy (drums, percussion), Jeff Pietrangelo (trumpet, flugel horn, percussion), Randy Tico (bass), Tom Washatka (saxophone)


  • Matrix IX (1976)
  • Wizard (1978)
  • Tale of the Whale (1979)
  • Harvest (1980)
  • Proud Flesh: A Matrix Reunion (2002)

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