Masami Tsuchiya

Masami Tsuchiya — 土屋昌巳 (born Aug. 22, 1952) — is a Japanese art-pop multi-instrumentalist and composer who fronted the New Wave band Ippu-Do during the early 1980s. Between 1982 and 1989, he released five albums on Epic and an EP on CBS/Sony. In 1983, he served as a fifth wheel for English band Japan on their farewell tour, documented on the live double-LP Oil on Canvass.


  • Rice Music (1982)
  • Alone ‎(EP, 1983)
  • Tokyo Ballet (1985)
  • Life in Mirrors (1987)
  • Horizon (1988)
  • Time Passenger (1989)
  • Swan Dive (2013)

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