Martin Briley

Martin Briley is an English musician, vocalist, and songwriter who first appeared in the pop-psych band Mandrake Paddle Steamer, which issued a single on Parlophone in 1969 and recorded more than an album’s worth of material that was later released on assorted archival discs.

Mandrake marked the start of Briley’s partnership with musician Brian Engel. During the 1970s, the pair worked in a sequence of mostly shortplayer one-offs: Corn and Seed Merchants (1970), Prowler (1973), The Liverpool Echo (1973), Starbuck (1973–74), True Adventure (1974), Slick Willie (1977), and Elevator (1978). During 1975/76, the two briefly parted as Engel cut two albums in rustic-rockers Limey and Briley played bass in the symphonic supergroup Greenslade, appearing on their fourth album Time and Tide.

After more than a decade in the business, Briley went solo with the 1981 Mercury album Fear of the Unknown, followed by two further titles on the label during 1983 and 1984.


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