Mars Everywhere

Mars Everywhere were an American avant-rock/electronic band from Washington, DC, that debuted with the track “Attack of the Giant Squid” on the 1977 multi-artist release A Random Sampler on Random Radar Records, which issued the band’s singular album Industrial Sabotage in 1980.

Members: Ernie Falcone (guitar, electronics), Tom Fenwick (synthesizer, 1976-79), Barney Jones (guitar, organ, drums, [electronic] reeds), Greg Yaskovich (bass, synthesizer, [electronic] trumpet), Robin Anderson (drums, 1978-79), Doug Hollobaugh (synthesizer, 1979-?), Carlos Garrazza (synthesizer, keyboards)


  • Industrial Sabotage (1980)
  • Visitor Parking (archival, 1989)

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