Mario Millo

Mario Millo (born May 1955) is an Australian guitarist, composer, producer, and arranger from Sydney who fronted the bands Sebastian Hardie and Windchase during the mid-to-late 1970s. Since 1978, he has recorded numerous soundtracks for film and television productions. His first proper solo album, Epic III, appeared on Polydor in 1979, followed by Human Games on Wheatley in 1983.


  • Against the Wind (TV, 1978 • Jon English & Mario Millo)
  • Epic III (1979)
  • Human Games (1983)
  • World Safari II (OST, 1985)
  • A Fortunate Life (TV, 1986)
  • The Lighthorsemen (OST, 1987)
  • Shame / The Lighthorsemen Original Soundtracks (OST, 1988)

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