Manowar were an American metal band from Auburn, NY, that released the album Battle Hymns on Liberty Records in 1982, followed by 12 further studio albums on assorted labels over the subsequent three decades.

Members: Joey DeMaio (bass, keyboards), Eric Adams (vocals), Karl Kennedy (drums, 1980), Ross the Boss (guitar, 1980-88), Donnie Hamzik (drums, 1982-83, 2010-present), Scott Columbus (drums, 1983-89, 1995-2010), David Shankle (guitar, 1988-94), Rhino (drums, 1989-95), Karl Logan (guitar, keyboards, 1994-present)


  • Battle Hymns (1982)
  • Into Glory Ride (1983)
  • Hail to England (1984)
  • Sign of the Hammer (1984)
  • Fighting the World (1987)
  • Kings of Metal (1988)
  • The Triumph of Steel (1992)
  • Louder Than Hell (1996)

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