Maneige was a Québécois chamber|jazz-rock band that released the 1975 Harvest albums Maneige  and Les Porches, followed by the 1977–79 Polydor titles Ni vent… Ni nouvelle, Libre service – Self Service, and the live Composite. Two early Eighties albums, Montréal 6 A.M. and Images, appeared on Intérim and Saisons.

Members: Alain Bergeron (flute, saxophone, piano), Jérôme Langlois (piano, organ, clarinet, guitar, 1972-76), Gilles Schetagne (drums, percussion, synthesizer, 1972-79, 1981-83), Paul Picard (drums, percussion, 1972-?, 1975-81), Yves Léonard (bass), Vincent Langlois (piano, percussion), Denis Lapierre (guitar, synthesizer, 1975-?), Pierre Gauthier (drums, 1980-81), Claude Lemay (keyboards, 1981-83), Michel Le François (guitar, 1981-83)


Maneige (French for “carousel”) formed in 1972 when reedist Alain Bergeron teamed with keyboardist Jérôme Langlois. They soon enlisted drummer Gilles Schetagne, bassist Yves Leonard, and percussionist Paul Picard. The original five-piece gigged locally for two years and opened for Soft Machine (2|15|74: CEGEP Maisonneuve) and Dutch classical-rockers Ekseption.

Picard departed after their initial live activity. Jérôme welcomed his brother, pianist–percussionist Vincent Langlois. Maneige became six with guitarist Denis Lapierre, a sideman of Patsy Gallant. In late 1974, Capitol signed the band to its Canadian Harvest division.


Maneige released their self-titled debut album in 1975 on Harvest.

A. “Le Rafiot” (“The Tired Old Ship” – 21:22) Jérôme Langlois
B1. “Une Année Sans Fin” (“A Year Without End” – 6:39) Gilles Schetagne
B2. “Jean-Jacques” (4:13) Yves Léonard
B3. “Galerie III” (7:50) Gilles Schetagne

Recorded At – Manta Sound
Producer, Engineer – Lee De Carlo
Assistant Sound Engineer – Gary Gray, Rick Capreol

Drums, Percussion – Gilles Schetagne
Electric Bass, Contrabass – Yves Léonard
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Denis Lapierre
Flute, Saxophone – Alain Bergeron
Percussion – Vincent Langlois
Piano, Clarinet, Organ – Jérôme Langlois

Piano – Vincent Langlois (B3)

Artwork, Illustration – Gilles Brault
Photography By – Guy Beaupre

Les Porches

Maneige released their second album, Les Porches, in 1975 on Harvest.

A1. “Les Porches de Notre-Dame” (19:14)
      Ouverture 3:03
      Suite – Partie 1 2:34
      Suite – Partie 2 0:45
      Suite – Partie 3 3:25
      Desouverture – Piano Solo 2:48
      Les Porches 6:50
A2. “La Grosse Torche” (1:24)
B1. “Les Aventures de Saxinette et Clarophone” (15:41)
      Chapitre I – Episode 1 3:47
      Chapitre I – Episode 2 5:16
      Chapitre II – Episode 1 1:31
      Chapitre II – Episode 2 2:34
      Chapitre III 2:33
B2. “Chromo” (4:13)
      Partie 1 2:36
      Partie 2 1:37

Recorded At – Manta Sound
Producer, Engineer – Lee de Carlo
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] – Gary Gray, John Naslen
Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Jérôme Langlois

Clarinet, Piano, Electric Guitar – Jerome Langlois
Drums, Percussion – Gilles Schetagne
Electric Bass, Tuba – Yves Leonard
Flute [Flutes], Saxophone, Piano [Pianos] – Alain Bergeron
Piano, Percussion – Vincent Langlois

Guest, Bongos [Bongo], Xylophone – Paul Picard (tracks: B1.1)
Guest, Electric Guitar – Denis Lapierre (tracks: B1)
Guest, Trumpet [Trumpets], Vocals – Raoul Duguay*
Guest, Violin [Violins] – Albert Pratz, Bill Richards, Peter Schenkman (2), Walter Babiak
Written-By – A. Bergeron* (tracks: A1, B1, B2), J. Langlois (tracks: A2, B1)

Ni Vent… Ni Nouvelle

Maneige released their third album, Ni Vent… Ni Nouvelle, in 1977 on Polydor.

A1. “Le gai Marvin” (1:42)
A2. “La fin de l’histoire” (3:17)
A3. “Les folleries” (6:06)
A4. “Les epinettes” (3:32)
A5. “Manbo chant” (5:20)
B1. “Douce-amere” (5:54)
B2. “Le gros roux” (3:30)
B3. “Au clair de la prune” (4:03)
B4. “11 Juillet” (5:00)
B5. “Time Square” (1:32)

Recorded At – Studio Beigne
Producer, Engineer – Guy Charbonneau
Engineer [Assistant] – Louis Gauthier

Denis Lapierre — bass, drums, timpani, bells, chinese blocks
Gilles Schetagne — glockenspiel, tubular bells
Paul Picard — spoons, drum, chimes, horns, vibraphone
Yves Léonard — percussion, gong, darbouka, drum, woodblock, maracas
Alain Bergeron — piano, flute, piccolo flute
Vincent Langlois — saxophone, guitar
André Pelchat — soprano saxophone
Jean Préfontaine — viola
Chantale Rémillard — violin
Denise Lupien — violin

Design Concept – Claude Lamarre, Fernand Leclerc
Illustration – Richard Packwood

Libre Service – Self Service

Maneige released their fourth album, Libre service – Self Service, in 1978 on Polydor.

A1. “Troizix” (2:35)
A2. “L’envol Des Singes Latins” (4:53)
A3. “Les Pétoncles” (4:55)
A4. “La Belle et la Bête” (3:28)
A5. “Bagdad” (1:21)
A6. “Noemi” (0:45)
B1. “Célébration” (2:44)
B2. “La Noce” (7:21)
B3. “Toujours Trop Tard” (5:04)
B4. “Miro Vibro” (5:46)

Recorded At – Studio St-Charles
Production Manager – Maneige
Recorded By, Mixed By – Claude Demers, Réal Leblanc
Sound Designer – Claude Demers

Bass – Yves Léonard
Flute, Alto Saxophone – Alain Bergeron
Guitar – Denis Lapierre
Percussion – Paul Picard
Percussion, Drums – Gilles Schetagne
Piano, Percussion – Vincent Langlois

Cover [Concept By], Design – William Roberto Wilson
Photography By [Back cover] – André Panneton
Photography By [Front cover] – Serge Clément


In 1979, Maneige released Composite, a live album culled from spring–summer shows at Cinéma Outremont and Bromont.

A1. “L’éveil et L’Approche” (4:06)
A2. “Max the Whale” (6:01)
A3. “Toujours Trop Tard” (5:17)
A4. “Cancan” (4:50)
B1. “Bullfrog Dance” (6:28)
B2. “Étrange Hiver” (2:49)
B3. “Douce Amère” (5:59)
B4. “Un Certain Regard” (6:59)

Recorded “Live” at the Cinéma Outremont (1979/04/13), at Bromont (1979/07/28).
Recorded By – Le Mobile Filtroson Ltée
Producer – Maneige, Yves Léonard
Co-producer – Denis Lapierre
Engineer – Cliff Bonnell, Guy Charbonneau
Recorded By, Mastered By – Ray Janos
Sounds, Crew – Alain Gariépy, Luc Lacombe

Bass – Yves Léonard
Drums – Gilles Schetagne
Flute, Saxophone, Keyboards – Alain Bergeron
Guitar – Denis Lapierre
Keyboards – Vincent Langlois
Percussion – Paul Picard

Cover, Design – Christiane Valcourt
Design, Cover – André Panneton
Photography – André Panneton

Montréal, 6 A.M.

Maneige released their fifth studio album, Montréal, 6 A.M., in 1980 on Intérim.

A1. “Tangerine” (3:16)
A2. “Où Ça?” (3:50)
A3. “Tague Baissée” (3:37)
A4. “Phobos” (3:42)
A5. “Popozof” (3:58)
B1. “L’Invitée de la Nuit” (3:30)
B2. “Échec Et Mat” (4:14)
B3. “Mi Vu, Mi Connu” (3:53)
B4. “Cerveau Lent” (5:16)

Recorded in July 1980 at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Québec.

Bass – Yves Léonard
Drums – Pierre Gauthier
Flute, Saxophone, Keyboards – Alain Bergeron
Guitar – Denis Lapierre
Keyboards – Vincent Langlois
Percussion – Paul Picard


Maneige released their sixth and final studio album, Images, in 1983 on Saisons.

A1. “Nuit Rose” (3:24)
A2. “Phantasmes” (3:21)
A3. “Solitaire” (3:23)
A4. “Clin D’Oeil” (2:42)
A5. “Touarègue” (3:23)
B1. “Hey You!” (3:43)
B2. “Ballade en Hiver” (3:22)
B3. “Transport” (3:21)
B4. “Poséidon” (2:48)
B5. “Quasar” (3:31)

Producer – André Perry
Producer [Réalisation] – Maneige, Paul Northfield
Co-producer [Assistant] – Frank Opolko

Bass – Yves Léonard
Drums, Percussion [Impact Drums] – Gilles Schetagne
Flute, Saxophone, Electric Piano [Rhodes] – Alain Bergeron
Guitar – Michel Lefrançois
Synthesizer, Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes] – Claude Lemay

Photography By – André Panneton
Graphics – Wilson Massicotte Inc.
Sleeve – André Perry



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