Mandrill is an American soul-funk band from Brooklyn that released five albums on Polydor between 1970 and 1974, followed by a pair of albums on UA and a trio of titles on Arista during the second half of the decade.

Members: Carlos Wilson (trombone, vocals), Lou Wilson (trumpet, vocals), Ric Wilson (saxophone, vocals), Claude “Coffee” Cave (keyboards), Omar Mesa (guitar), Bundie Cenas (bass), Charlie Padro (drums), Fudgie Kae Solomon (bass), Neftali Santiago (drums), Dougie Rodriguez (guitar), Wilfredo “Wolf” Wilson (bass), Joaquin Jessup (guitar)

Mandrill was formed in 1968 Brooklyn by three Panamanian-American brothers: Carlos Wilson (trombone), Lou Wilson (trumpet), and Ric Wilson (saxophone). All three sang and played additional instruments. They named the band after the mandrill primate species, known for its colorful facial features. The original seven-piece lineup also included keyboardist Claude “Coffee” Cave, guitarist Omar Mesa, bassist Bundie Cenas, and drummer Charlie Padro.


Mandrill released their self-titled debut album in April 1971 on Polydor.

Mandrill Is

Mandrill released their second album, Mandrill Is, in April 1972 on Polydor.

Composite Truth

Mandrill released their third album, Composite Truth, in January 1973 on Polydor.

Just Outside of Town

Mandrill released their fourth album, Just Outside of Town, in October 1973 on Polydor.


Mandrill released their fifth album, Mandrilland, in August 1974 on Polydor.


Mandrill released their sixth album, Solid, in 1975 on United Artists.

Beast From the East

Mandrill released their seventh album, Beast From the East, in late 1975 on United Artists.

We Are One

Mandrill released their eighth album, We Are One, in 1977 on Arista.

New Worlds

Mandrill released their ninth album, New Worlds, in 1978 on Arista.

Getting in the Mood

Mandrill released their tenth album, Getting in the Mood, in 1979 on Arista.


Mandrill released their eleventh album, Energize, in 1982 on Montage Records.


  • Mandrill (1970)
  • Mandrill Is (1972)
  • Composite Truth (1973)
  • Just Outside of Town (1973)
  • Mandrilland (2LP, 1974)
  • Solid (1975)
  • Beast From the East (1976)
  • We Are One (1977)
  • New Worlds (1978)
  • Getting in the Mood (1980)
  • Energize (1982)


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