Malicorne were a French folk band from the namesake commune of Malicorne in Auvergne, formed in 1973. Between 1974 and 1977, the band released four albums on Hexagone, followed by two albums and a live disc on Ballon Noir during the late 1970s.

Members: Gabriel Yacoub (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, mandocello, autoharp, vocals), Marie Sauvet (hurdy gurdy, dulcimer, vocals), Hughes de Courson (crumhorn, flute, timpani, synthesizer, glockenspiel, piano, harmonium, positive organ, gaita, percussion, vocals, drums), Laurent Vercambre (violin, cello, viola d’amore, nyckelharpa, mandolin, mandocello, clarinet, melodeon accordion, guitar, vocals, bass), Olivier Zdrzalik (bass, percussion, keyboards, clavinet, choir, tubular bells, vocals), Jean-Pierre Arnoux (percussion, drums, tom-tom), Patrick Lemercier (violin, guitar, lyre, choir, bagpipes, crumhorn), Dom Reger (strings, vocals), André Proulx (flute), Brian Gulland (flute, bassoon, horn, keyboards, vocals), Michel Bourseix (xylophone), Michel Camicas (trombone), Jim Cuomo (saxophone), Bertrand Darin (piano), Richard Galliano (accordion, bandoneón), Alain Hatot (soprano saxophone), Iván Lantos (flute, bagpipes), Romain Mayoral (clarinet), Jean-Michel Kajdan (electric guitar), Alan Kloater (whistle, Uilleann pipes), Michel LeCam (mandolin, violin, choir, crumhorn)


  • Malicorne (1974)
  • Malicorne (1975)
  • Almanach (1976)
  • Malicorne (1977)
  • L’extraordinaire tour de France d’Adélard Rousseau, dit Nivernais la Clef des Cœurs, compagnon charpentier du devoir (1978)
  • Le Bestiaire (1979)
  • En Public (live, 1979)
  • Balançoire en Feu (1981)
  • Les Cathédrales de l’industrie (1986)

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