Mahjun were a French avant-trad/jazz-rock band that debuted as Maajun with the album Vivre la Mort du Vieux Monde on Vogue in 1971. A pair of eponymous albums appeared circa 1973/74 on Saravah, followed by a fourth album on Gratte-Ciel in 1977. The 1980s spawned a trio of albums on CBS/Columbia.

Members: Jean-Louis Mahjun (vocals, violin, mandolin), Cyril Lefebvre (slide guitar), Jean-Pierre Arnoux (drums), Alain Roux (vocals, Jew’s harp), Roger Scaglia (electric guitar, bell, vocals)


  • Vivre la Mort du Vieux Monde (1971, Maajun)
  • Mahjun (1973)
  • Mahjun (1974)
  • Happy French Band (1977)
  • Baby Sitter (1980)
  • Un Homme sur deux c’est une Femme (1982)
  • Ce N’est Que Moi (1984)

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