Maelstrom were an American band from Indianapolis that recorded the symphonic-rock album On the Gulf in 1973, followed by the free-jazz oriented Paradigms in 1975. The latter was issued in its own time by Houston Records; the former was released on CD in 1997 by archivists Black Moon Productions.

Members: Robert Williams [aka Roberts Owen] (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, oboe, alto recorder, cello, vocals, maracas, bells, piano, synthesiser), Paul Klotzbier (bass, 1972-73), James Larner (flute, vibraphone, percussion, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Ron Wood (drums, percussion, 1972-75), Kent Overholser (keyboards, 1973), Jeff McMullen (guitar, vocals, 1973-75), Bruce Weingardt (electric bass, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, 1973-75), Jim Miller (drums, percussion, 1973-75), Mark Knox (keyboards, 1973-75), Bradford Braden (sound effects, 1973-75)


  • On the Gulf (1973)
  • Paradigms (1975)

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