Machiavel are a Belgian rock band, initially active from 1974 to 1982. After their 1976 self-titled EMI debut, they hired longstanding vocalist Mario Guccio and released the popular 1977/78 albums Jester and Mechanical Moonbeams. Stylistically, they evolved from symphonic/hard-rock to streamlined New Wave.

Members: Marc Ysaye (drums, vocals), Roland Degreef (bass), Albert Letecheur (keyboards, 1974-79), Jack Roskam (guitar, 1974-76), Jean-Paul Devaux (guitar, 1976-79), Mario Guccio (vocals, 1976-2018), Thierry Plas (guitar, 1979-2010)

Machiavel formed in 1974 when bassist Roland Degreef and drummer Marc Ysaye hired guitarist Jack Roskam and keyboardist Albert Letecheur. They initially named the band Moby Dick before choosing Machiavel, the French spelling of the surname of Italian Renaissance philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.

That year, they recorded five originals: two by Degreef (“To Be Free” and “Don’t Remember”) and three by Ysaye (“When You Turn Green,” “The Birds Are Gone,” and “I’m Nowhere”). Though they initially played in a hard-rock/boogie mode, they soon gravitated to symphonic-rock, due in part to Letecheur’s classical leanings.


  • Machiavel (EMI, 1976)
  • Jester (EMI, 1977)
  • Mechanical Moonbeams (EMI, 1978)
  • Urban Games (EMI, 1979)
  • New Lines (EMI, 1980)
  • Break Out (EMI, 1981)
  • Valentine’s Day (EMI, 1982)
  • The Cry of Pleasure (INDISC, 1987)


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