Lustans Lakejer

Lustans Lakejer were a Swedish New Romantic band that released five albums and numerous singles on Stranded between 1980 and 1985.

Members: Johan Kinde (vocals, guitar), Peter Bergstrandh (bass, 1979-82), Urban Sundbaum (drums), Adrian Valerie [Torsten Ysander] (guitar), Jan Kyhle (keyboards, vocals), Tom Wolgers (keyboards), Christer Hellman (drums, vocals), Janis Bokalders (keyboards, guitar), Anders Ericsson (guitar, 1982-86)


  • “Diamanter är en flickas bästa vän” / “Tidens melodi” (1980)
  • Lustans Lakejer (1981)
  • Uppdrag i Genève (1981)
  • En plats i solen (1982)
  • Lustavision (1984)
  • Sinnenas rike (1985)

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