Lucifer were a Dutch pop band that released eight singles and two albums on EMI between 1972 and 1977.

Members: Dick Buysman (bass, 1972-77), Henny Huisman (drums, 1972-76), Brenda Barthelemy [aka Pinky], (guitar, vocals, 1972-73), Margriet Eshuijs (vocals, organ, 1973-78), Julio Wilson (percussion, 1974-76), Job Netten (guitar, ?-1976), Ferd Berger, (guitar, 1976-78), Jan Pijnenburg (drums, 1976-77), Willem Jongbloed (drums, 1977-78), André Versluijs (bass, 1977-78)


  • As We Are (1975)
  • Margriet (1977)

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