Lucifer were a Mexican jazz-rock big band that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1975.

Members: Guillermo Espinosa (trumpet, flugel horn, french horn, mellophone), Ramón Flores (trumpet, flugel horn, mellophone), Rodolfo Popo Sánchez (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, piccolo), Miguel Peña (electric guitar, 12-string guitar, Spanish guitar, Mexican vihuela), Homero Patrón (keyboards, organ, harpsichord, Moog), Jorge Neri (electric bass), Toño de los Cobo (vocals), Mayita Campos (vocals), Armando Noriega (tenor saxophone, flute), Jesús Aguirre (tenor trombone), Epifanio Jiménez (bass trombone), Samuel Zarzosa (drums), Ezequiel Serrano (percussion), Enrique Neri (Moog, Rhodes), Enrique Sida (tenor trombone), Daniel Céspedes (tenor trombone), Carlos Duffó (guitar), Jesús Antonio Millán (electric guitar), Fidel Chabocho Pérez (percussion), Arturo Zamora Peregrino (percussion), Lorenzo González (violin), Daniel Cruz (violin), Hemigdio Espinosa (viola), Alberto González (cello)


  • Lucifer (1974)

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