L.T.D. — an acronym for Love-Togetherness-Devotion — were an American soul-funk band that released eight albums on A&M between 1974 and 1981, followed by a ninth on Montage Records in 1983. After the release of Shine On in 1980, vocalist Jeffrey Osborne left the band for a successful solo career.

Members: Abraham “Onion” Miller (saxophone, vocals, 1968-83), Carle Wayne Vickers (trumpet, flute, saxophone, 1968-83, 1999-present), Arthur “Lorenzo” Carnegie (saxophone, flute, guitar, 1968-83, 1999-present), Jake Riley (trombone, 1968-83), Jimmy “J.D.” Davis (keyboards, vocals, synthesizer, percussion, 1968-83), Jeffrey Osborne (drums, lead vocals, 1969-80), Toby Wynn (saxophone, 1969-76), Henry Davis (bass, vocals, 1970-83), Billy Osborne (organ, drums, keyboards, lead vocals, 1970-80), Robert Santiel (congas, percussion, 1970-76), Celeste Cole (vocals, 1970-74), Johnny McGhee (guitar, 1976-83, 1996-98, 1999-present), Melvin Webb (drums, 1977-78), Alvino Bennet (drums, 1978-83), Andre Ray (lead vocals, 1980-83), Leslie Wilson (lead vocals, 1980-83)

L.T.D. assembled in Greensboro, NC, in 1968, as an offshoot of the Fantastic Soul Men Orchestra, the backing ensemble behind soul duo Sam & Dave. The original lineup featured alto/tenor saxophonist and guitarist Arthur “Lorenzo” Carnegie, trombonist Jake Riley, trumpeter/saxist Carle Wayne Vickers, and saxist/singer Abraham “Onion” Miller (all FSMO brass), plus keyboardist/singer Jimmy “J.D.” Davis. They initially called themselves Love Men Ltd.

They first moved to Harlem, where they recruited baritone saxist Toby Wynn. During a stop in Providence, RI, they enlisted drummer/vocalist Jeffrey Osborne, whose father had been a trumpeter for Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington.

Two years later, they relocated to Los Angeles, where they added keyboardist/drummer Billy Osborne (Jeffrey’s brother), singer Celeste Cole, bassist/singer Henry E. Davis, and percussionist Robert Santiel. In 1974, they signed to A&M as L.T.D. (Love-Togetherness-Devotion).


  • Love Togetherness & Devotion (1974)
  • Gittin’ Down (1975)
  • Love to the World (1976)
  • Something to Love (1977)
  • Togetherness (1978)
  • Devotion (1979)
  • Shine On (1980)
  • Love Magic (1981)
  • For You (1983)


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