Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited was an American soul trio from Los Angeles comprised of sisters Glodean and Linda James along with their cousin Diane Taylor. They released a self-titled album on Uni Records in 1972, followed by two albums on 20th Century in 1973/74 and a second pair of titles on Unlimited Gold between 1977 and 1979. The last of those labels was established by the group’s producer/writer/arranger/Svengali Barry White, who also enlisted the trio’s services on the 1974 Together Brothers soundtrack along with instrumental backing by his namesake Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Members: Glodean James [Glodean White] (vocals), Linda James (vocals), Diane Taylor (vocals)

Love Unlimited started in 1969 when sisters Glodean and Linda James, both newcomers, formed a singing trio with their cousin Diane Taylor, who’d cut a string of mid-’60s singles with New Jersey soulsters The Jellybeans. They were soon discovered by musician/producer Barry White, who helped them hone their act and secure a deal with MCA-subsidiary UNI. 


  • Love Unlimited (1972)
  • Under the Influence of… Love Unlimited (1973)
  • Together Brothers (OST, 1974 • Barry White, Love Unlimited & Love Unlimited Orchestra)
  • In Heat (1974)
  • He’s All I’ve Got (1977)
  • Love Is Back (1979)


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