Love Live Life + One

Love Live Life + One were a Japanese hard-rock/psych band that issued the album Love Will Make a Better You on King Records in 1971. Several other albums appeared around this time on CBS/Sony.

Members: Chito Kawachi (drums), Hiro Yanagida (keyboards), Kimio Mizutani (guitar), 市原宏祐 [Kosuke Ichihara] (saxophone, flute), 寺川正興 [Masaoki Terakawa] (bass), Naomi Kawahara (percussion), 直居隆雄 [Takao Naoi] (guitar), Toshiaki Yokota (saxophone, flute), Akira Fuse (vocals)


  • 殺人十章: 10 Chapters of Murder (1971)
  • Love Will Make a Better You (1971)
  • Rock-In X’mas (1971)
  • Satsujin Jissho (1974)
  • Now Sound ’75 (1975)
  • Rock-in Bacharach (1975)

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