Love Craft

H.P. Lovecraft were an American psych-rock band from Chicago that released two albums with accompanying singles on Philips in 1967/68. The lineup underwent numerous changes and disbanded in San Francisco in 1968. The following year, guitarist/frontman George Edwards and drummer Michael Tegza assembled a new lineup under the abbreviated name Lovecraft, which issued the album Valley of the Moon on Reprise in 1970. After a second breakup, Tegza revised the nameplate a third time for the 1975 Latin/funk-rock release We Love You, Whoever You Are on Mercury. The album features ex-High Voltage vocalist Lalomie Washburn, who subsequently recorded as a solo artist.

H.P. Lovecraft members: George Edwards (guitar, bass, vocals, Mexican guitarrón), Dave Michaels [David Miotke] (organ, harpsichord, clarinet, vocals, recorder, keyboards, piano, 1967-68), Kal David (lead guitar, 1967), Frank Bartoli (bass, 1967), Fred Pappalardo (drums, 1967), Michael Tegza (percussion, drums, vocals, 1967-68), Tony Cavallari (guitar, vocals, 1967-68), Tom Skidmore (bass, 1967), Jerry McGeorge (bass, vocals, 1967), Jeffrey “Jeff” Boyan [Geoff Bryan] (vocals, bass, 1968)

Love Craft members: George Edwards (vocals, 1969-70), Michael Tegza (drums, vocals), Jim Donlinger (guitar, 1969-70), Michael Been (bass, 1969-70), Marty Grebb (keyboards, vocals, ?-1970), Lalomie Washburn (percussion, vocals, 1975), George Agosto (percussion, 1975), Frank Capek (guitar, 1975), Craig Gigstad (bass, 1975), Mark Justin (synthesizer, keyboards, 1975), Jorge Juan Rodriguez (guitar, 1975)


  • H.P. Lovecraft (1967)
  • H.P. Lovecraft II (1968)
  • Valley of the Moon (1970 • Lovecraft)
  • We Love You, Whoever You Are (1975 • Love Craft)

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