Lougarou / Garolou

Lougarou / Garolou were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released a self-titled album as Lougarou on London Records in 1976. After being sued by a similarly named dance troupe, the band modified the spelling to Garolou for another album on London in 1978. Two further albums appeared on Kébec-Disc between 1980 and 1982.

Members: Marc Lalonde (bass, guitar, vocals), Michel Lalonde (guitar, vocals), Michel Deguire (drums), Gilles Beaudoin (guitar, 1978-80), Gaston Gagnon (guitar, 1980-present), Réginald Guay (keyboards, vocals)


  • Lougarou (1976)
  • Garolou (1978)
  • Romancero (1980)
  • Centre-ville (1982)

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