Lost Peace

Lost Peace were a Swiss jazz-rock band that self-released a standalone single in 1974, followed by a half-credited eponymous album on Zytglogge in 1977.

Members: Willy Müller (piano), Marc Hellman, Peter “Pudi” Lehmann (trumpet, violin), Martin “Tinu” Heiniger (wind instruments), Markus Küng (guitar), Claudio Bischoff (bass), Thomas Wild (drums), Jürg Lötscher (guitar)


  • “Suppressed” / “After a Big Steak” (1974)
  • Lost Peace (1977)

1 thought on “Lost Peace

  1. I found a liverecording of Lost Peace from 2.2.1975 in Wetzikon in my Tapearchive.
    Recorded on a Revox A77-Dolby

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