Los Jaivas

Los Jaivas are a Chilean folk-rock band that formed in Viña del Mar in 1963. Over the coarse of a half-century, the band has undergone numerous line-up changes and developments in musical style. The one constant throughout the band’s history has been pianist/vocalist Claudio Parra, who co-founded the band with his two brothers. Internationally, the band is revered for the eclecticism of their 1973–84 output, most notably the ambitious 1981 outing Alturas de Machu Picchu.

Members: Claudio Parra (piano, organ, accordion, synthesizer, keyboards, percussion), Mario Mutis (bass, guitar, flute, ocarina, trutruca, percussion, 1963-75, 1979-85, 1996-present), Eduardo Parra (keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, 1963-2009), Eduardo “Gato” Alquinta (vocals, guitar, flute, ocarina, mandolin, bass, harmonica, charango, percussion, 1963-2003), Gabriel Parra (drums, percussion, 1963-88), Julio Anderson (bass, 1975), Alberto Ledo (quena, panpipes, 1975-80), Pájaro Canzani (bass, guitar, 1975-79, 1985-88), Fernando Kraka Flores (bass, 1988-95), Minino García (drums, 1989-90), Juanita Parra (drums, percussion, 1991-present), Carlos Cabezas (vocals, charango, violin, acoustic guitar, quena, trutruca, tarka, percussion, 1998-present), Ankatu Alquinta (guitar, bass, quena, 2003-present), Aurora Alquinta (vocals, 2003), Eloy Alquinta (saxophone, flute, 2003-04), Francisco Bosco (keyboards, saxophone, trutruca, quena, tarka, panpipes, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals, 2004-present), Juan Pablo Bosco (drums, 2004-05)


  • Los Jaivas [El volantín] (1971)
  • Los Jaivas [La ventana] (1973)
  • Los Jaivas [El indio] (1975)
  • Canción del Sur (1977)
  • Los sueños de América (1979, with Manduka)
  • Alturas de Machu Picchu (1981)
  • Aconcagua (1982)
  • Obras de Violeta Parra (1984)
  • Si tú no Estás (1989)
  • Palomita blanca (1995, archival, soundtrack)
  • Hijos de la tierra (1995)
  • Trilogía: El rencuentro (1997)
  • Obras Sinfonicas Volumen 1 : Mamalluca (1999)
  • Arrebol (2001)

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