Lori Lieberman

Lori Lieberman (born Nov. 15, 1951) is an American singer/songwriter who released four 1972–75 albums on Capitol Records and a 1978 fifth on Millennium. After a 16-year break from recording, she returned with three ’90s-era albums on Pope Music. Since 2003, she’s issued CDs on self-press Drive On Records. Her debut album features the earliest recording of “Killing Me Softly with His Song,” a 1973 hit for singer Roberta Flack.

Lieberman was born in Los Angeles, the middle sister in a Jewish family that traveled between California and Switzerland, where she graduated from the International School of Geneva in 1970. She started singing and took up songwriting as a teenager, inspired by American folk-pop and French chanson singers.

After returning to the US, she signed a recording and publishing deal with Capitol Records and the songwriting team of Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel.


  • Lori Lieberman (1972)
  • Becoming (1973)
  • A Piece of Time (1974)
  • Straw Colored Girl (1975)
  • Letting Go (1978)


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