Loose Tubes

Loose Tubes were an English avant-jazz big band that released two albums on their namesake self-press Loose Tubes Limited during 1985 and 1986, followed by a third disc on Editions EG in 1988. The band regrouped for a second trio of titles on Lost Marble during the 2010s.

Members: Julian Argüelles (soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone), Steve Argüelles (drums, percussion), Iain Ballamy (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Django Bates (keyboards), Steve Berry (bass), Steve Buckley (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Steve Day (trombone), Dave DeFries (trumpet), John Eacott (trumpet), Nic France (drums), John Harborne (trombone), Lance Kelly (trumpet), Thebe Lipere (percussion), Mark Lockheart (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), John Parricelli (guitar), Eddie Parker (flute), Dave Powell (tuba), Dai Pritchard (clarinet), Richard Pywell (trombone), Ashley Slater (trombone), Tim Whitehead (tenor saxophone)


  • Loose Tubes (1985)
  • Delightful Precipice (1986)
  • Open Letter (1988)
  • Dancing On Frith Street (live, 2010)
  • Säd Afrika (2012)
  • Arriving (2015)

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