Limey was an English rustic-rock band that cut an eponymous 1975 album on RCA. Guitarist–singer Brian Engel was a longtime collaborator of Martin Briley. In 1977, Limey released Silver Eagle with the rhythm section of Argent.

Members: Dave Bowker [aka David Booker] (bass, guitar), Brian Engel (vocals, guitar), Ian Kewley (keyboards), Robin Le Mesurier (guitar, Moog), Mac McInerney [aka Pat McInerney] (drums), Bob Henrit (drums), Jim Rodford (bass)

Limey’s three constant members were Brian Engel, keyboardist Ian Kewley, and bassist–guitarist Dave Bowker.

Engel’s career stretched back to Mandrake Paddle Steamer, a pop-psych band that cut numerous demos and issued the 1969 Parlophone single “Strange Walking Man” (b/w “Steam”). In Mandrake, he partnered with musician–singer Martin Briley. The two continued in a sequence of shortplayer one-offs: Corn and Seed Merchants (1970), Prowler (1973), The Liverpool Echo (1973), Starbuck (1973–74), and True Adventure (1974). Engel (along with Peter Doyle) was also one of many singers to pass through the New Seekers.

Kewley originated in Samson, a brass-psych band that made the 1969 album Are You Samson, produced by Paul Korda. He then joined hard-rockers Strider, which cut the 1973/74 albums Exposed and Misunderstood on GM Records.

Bowker did stints in the ’60s beat groups Ivans Meads and O’Hara’s Playboys. He briefly played in an unrecorded lineup of the multi-national psych-rock band Eclection. In 1972, he cut two Polydor singles in Swampfox, led by (ex-Rupert’s People) Rod Lynton.


  • Limey (1975)
  • Silver Eagle (1977)


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