Libra were an Italian symphonic/jazz-rock/funk band that released the album Musica e Parole on Ricordi in 1975. The album was picked up internationally for an eponymous issue on Motown, which also carried the band’s 1976 followup Winter Day’s Nightmare. Libra’s third and last album was the soundtrack to the 1977 horror film Schock (Transfert-Suspence-Hypnos), released in 1977 on Cinevox.

Members: Federico D’Andrea (vocals, guitar, 1973-76), Franco Ventura (guitar, 1973), Nicola Di Staso (guitar, vocals, 1973-76), Sandro Centofani (keyboards), David Walter (drums, percussion, 1973-75), Claudio Barbera (bass, 1973-?), Dino Cappa (bass, vocals, ?-1977), Walter Martino (drums, percussion, 1975-77), Maurizio Guarini (keyboards, ?-1977), Carlo Pennisi (guitar, ?-1977)


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