The Looping Home Orchestra (LHO) were a Swedish avant-garde ensemble led by accordionist Lars Hollmer.

Members: Lars Hollmer (keyboards, accordion, vocals), Olle Sundin (bass, keyboards, balalaika), Mårten Tiselius (drums, vocals, glockenspiel, 1985-88), Sven Aarflot (bassoon, reeds, keyboards, 1985-88), Sven Jansson (keyboards, vocals, 1985-88), Hans Louhelainen (keyboards, 1989-?), Ulf Wallander (reeds, 1989-?), Lise-Lotte Norelius (drums, 1989-?), Lars Krantz (bass, 1992-93), Eino Haapala (guitar, 1992-93), Fred Frith (guitar, violin, 1992-93), Jean Derome (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, 1992-93)


  • Vendeltid (1987 • LHO)
  • Door Floor Something Window: Live 1992 & 1993 (1993)

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