Levande Livet

Levande Livet was a Swedish jazz-rock/psych band that released the album Strömmens Pärla on Silence in 1973.

Members: Einar Heckscher (vocals, percussion), Ann-Marie Karlsson (vocals, percussion), Ingegerd Sköldin (vocals, percussion), Jenny Karlsson (vocals, percussion), Hans Berggren (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), Tommy Broman (guitar, vocals), Lars Bergström (bass), Anders Spets (drums), Hassan Bah (congas), Johnny Mowinckel (piano), Peter Smoliansky (darbouka)

Levande Livet was a follow-through to Sogmusobil, a blues-psych trio that released the album Telefon on Gump in 1971.


  • Strömmens Pärla (1973)


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