Les Variations

Les Variations were a Morrocan-French hard-rock/psych band that released a string singles on Triola and Odeon in the late 1960s. Between 1970 and 1974, the band released three albums with accompanying singles on Pathé, followed by the 1975 EMI/Buddah release Cafe de Paris.

Members: Marc Tobaly (guitar), Jacques Grande [P’tit Pois] (guitar, bass), Isaac “Jacky” Bitton (drums), Guy de Baer (bass, 1966), Jacques Micheli (guitar, 1966), Jean-Pierre Azoulay [Rolling] (guitar, 1966), Jo Philippe Leb (vocals, 1966-73), Michel Chevalier (vocals, 1971), Alain Suzan (bass, 1972), Robert Fitoussi [aka F.R. David] (vocals, 1973-75), Jim Morris (piano, 1974-75), Maurice Meimoun (violin, 1974-75)


  • Nador (1970)
  • Take It or Leave It (1973)
  • Moroccan Roll (1974)
  • Cafe de Paris (1975)

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