Lem were an American electro/art-pop band from California that released the album Machines on self-press Wavefront Records in 1977.

Members: Bryce Robbley (synthesizer, vocals), Alex Cima (synthesizer), Doug Lynner (synthesizer) Danny Sofer (synthesizer, drums)

Lem was a recording project comprised of four synthesizer players: Bryce Robbley, Alex Cima, Doug Lynner, and Danny Sofer. The project also involved drummer/syndrum player Evan Caplan and violinist John Stubbs. The band had advanced access to state-of-the-art electronic equipment thanks to Sofer’s connections at Oberheim Electronics.

Lem issued its singular album Machines in 1977 on one-press Wavefront. It features eight songs, mostly composed by Robbley with two contributions from Cima. The songs include “I Wonder,” “Drone Zone,” and “Robots in Heat.” The recordings were done at Hollywood’s Star Track Studios and produced by Robbley. Wah Wah Watson guests on guitar, effects pedals, boomerang sampler, and USS synthesizer.

Robbley, Caplan, Stubbs, and Lynner later collaborated in the electro band Moebius, which issued two albums on self-press Moonwood Records between 1979 and 1982. Robbley and Caplan also had joint and separate tie-ins on assorted disco recordings (Arpeggio, Charisma, Delegation, Delilah, Fire and Ice, Leroy Gomez, Romance). Lynner cut a 1983 EP in the synthpop trio Invsible Zoo. Stubbs later recorded with Checkfield.

Alex Cima ‎released the 1979 electro-disco album Cosmic Connection on Polydor and issued two further albums during the 1980s. Sofer recorded with Bay Area garage-psych band Novak and issued a pair of 1982–84 solo singles. He also played keyboards on early hip hop singles by The Wreckin’ Cru’ and Ice T.

Machines gained newfound prestige in the 21st century as a forerunner to later developments in electro-pop.


  • Machines (1977)


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