Legend was an English heavy metal band from Jersey island that released the 1981–82 albums Legend and Death in the Nursery and the EP Frontline on local-press Workshop.

Members: Mike Lezala (vocals), Peter Haworth (guitar), Marco Morosino (guitar, 1980-82), Eggy Aubert (bass, 1980-82, 2003-present), David Whitley (drums, 1980-84), Neil Haworth (bass, guitar 1982-84, 2011-present)


Legend formed in 1980 in St. Helier on Jersey, a British isle in the Channel Islands. Singer Mike Lezala and guitarists Peter Haworth (lead) and Marco Morosino (rhythm, acoustic) constituted the original lineup with bassist Eggy Aubert and drummer Dave Whitley.


Legend released their self-titled debut album in June 1981 on Workshop Records. It features five originals by lead guitarist Peter Haworth, including the epics “Torture” and “Song for a Soldier.” He co-wrote “Taste of Life” and “Hiroshima” with rhythm guitarist Marco Morosino.

1. “Badgirl” (4:34)
2. “Taste of Life” (4:46)
3. “Buried Alive” (6:00)
4. “Negligence” (5:07)

5. “Torture” (7:12)
6. “Hiroshima” (5:12)
7. “Song for a Soldier” (9:13)

Guitarist Peter Haworth produced the album in February 1981 at Jersey’s Music Workshop Studios, where in-house soundman Tony Spence engineered Legend amid studio recordings by Paul Woodson and the Jack Duff Quartet. Legend appeared in a plain b&w sleeve with credits in Blackletter font and a plain-clothed group pic by one Bill Newington.

After this album, Morosino quit and Legend continued as a four-piece.

Death in the Nursery

Legend released their second album, Death in the Nursery, in 1982 on Workshop Records. It features nine originals by Peter Haworth.

1. “Choices” (4:22)
2. “Warrior” (4:09)
3. “Time Bomb” (2:36)
4. “Lazy Woman” (3:19)
5. “Why Don’t You Kill Me?” (4:21)

6. “Anthrax Attack” (3:38)
7. “Prisoner” (5:48)
8. “Death in the Nursery” (4:42)
9. “Prologue” (6:33)

Sessions took place in March 1982 at Music Workshop with Spence and producer Steve Burnett, a soundman for Voxx Records punks The Wombats. Haworth painted the cover art, which depicts two headless suits under at a barren evening setting (background) with a pair of abandoned, bleeding headphones (foreground).


In late 1982, Legend released a 12″ informally titled Limited Edition Four Track Single. It features four Haworth originals: “Frontline,” “Sabra & Chatila,” “Stormers of Heaven,” and “Open Up the Skies.” In 2016, Finnish archivists Full Contact Records reissued the songs as part of a full-length LP titled Frontline, which features six additional 1982–83 demos for a possible third album.

A1. “Frontline” (5:27)
A2. “Sabra & Chatila” (4:25)
A3. “It’s Not the Same” (3:33)
A4. “The Other Day” (3:08)
A5. “Take Me Away” (3:07)
B1. “Stormers of Heaven” (3:10)
B2. “Open Up the Skies” (3:37)
B3. “Question & Answer” (4:02)
B4. “Catch a Moment” (3:58)
B5. “Out of Luck” (4:25)



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