Law were an American hard-rock/funk band from Youngstown, Ohio, that released a self-titled album on GRC in 1975, followed by two albums on MCA in 1977. The band toured its first album as an opening act for Bad Company. Years later, BC vocalist Paul Rodgers used Law as the inspiration for his early ’90s band The Law, formed with ex-Faces/Who drummer Kenney Jones.

Members: Steve Acker (guitar), Steve Lawrence (drums, 1971-73, 1975-77), Mickey Williamson (vocals, bass, 1971-73), Ronnie Lee Cunningham (vocals, keyboards, 1973-77), John McIvor (bass, 1973-77), Tom Pool (drums, 1973-75), Roy Kenner (vocals, 1975-77)


  • Law (1975)
  • Breakin’ It (1977)
  • Hold on to It (1977)

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