Lava were a Norwegian smooth-rock band that issued four albums on Polydor between 1980 and 1984, followed in 1990 by a comeback on Mercury. A trio of albums on Tylden appeared during the 2000s.

Members: Svein Dag Hauge (guitar, vocals), Per Hillestad (drums, percussion), Geir Langslet (keyboards, vocals), Stein Austrud (keyboards), Stein Eriksen (keyboards, 1977-80), Kjell Hestetun (bass, 1977-80), Marius Müller (guitar, 1980-81), Rolf Graf (bass, vocals, 1980-?), Per Kolstad (keyboards, 1982-89), Sigurd Køhn (saxophone, 1982-89), Egil Eldøen (vocals, 1982-?)


  • Lava (1980)
  • Cruisin (1981)
  • Prime Time (1982)
  • Fire (1984)
  • The Rhythm of Love (1990)

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