Lard Free

Lard Free were a French improve/electroacoustic band that released three albums on Vamp and Cobra between 1973 and 1977. A quarter-century after the fact, a disc of 1971/72-era recordings was issued by archivists Spalax.

Members: Gilbert Artman (drums, piano, vibraphone, organ, percussion, tenor saxophone, clarinet, 1970-78, 2009), François Mativet (guitar, 1970-75), Jean-Jacques Miette (bass, double bass, 1970-73), Dominique Triloff (organ, 1970-73), Philippe Bolliet (saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, 1970-75, 2009), Robert Wood (vibraphone, 1971-72), Hervé Eyhani (bass, synthesizer, 1973-75), Alain Audat (keyboards, tenor saxophone, 1975), Antoine Duvernet (alto saxophone, flute, 1975), Richard Pinhas (guitar, bass, synthesizer, 1975), Jean-Jacques Birgé (synthesizer, alto saxophone, 1975), Xavier Baulleret (guitar, 1977, 2009), Yves Lanes (keyboards, 1977), Jean-Pierre Thiraut (clarinet, 1977)


  • Gilbert Artman’s Lard Free (1973)
  • I’m Around About Midnight (1975)
  • III (1977)
  • Unnamed (1997, recorded 1971–1972)

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