The Landress / Hart Group

The Landress / Hart Group were an American jazz-rock band from Van Nuys, Calif., that released the album Dancing Moments on keyboardist/producer Ron Hart’s self-press Shadowlight Records in 1981. Hart issued the classical cassette-album Light Beyond the Atoms in 1983. Bassist Eric Pressly subsequently recorded with the bands Carrera and Nómo.

Members: Eric Pressly (bass), George Landress (electric/acoustic guitar), Pat Costello (drums), Peggy Landress (vocals), Ron Hart (piano, synthesizer)

Dancing Moments contains six band originals: three composed by Hart (“Dancing Moments,” “The Hopeful,” “Space Cookie”) and three by guitarist George Landress (“Celebration,” “Song for the Wind,” “Sunsigns”). The album was mastered at A&M studios by Frank DeLuna, whose other engineering credits include titles by Ali Thomson, Brainstorm, Charlie, Con Funk Shun, Hazel O’Connor, Joe Jackson, Kayak, Kellee Patterson, Nazareth, Nutz, The Police, Skafish, Supertramp, Tierra, and Yellow Magic Orchestra.


  • Dancing Moments (1981)

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