Lacewing was an American psychedelic hard-rock band that released a 1971 self-titled album on Mainstream Records.

Members: Dave Andress (keyboards), Jeff Currey (bass), Mark Frazier (drums), Mary Sterpka (vocals), Bob Webb (guitar)

Lacewing evolved from unsigned Kent, Ohio, garage rockers The Measles, whose two vocal recordings, “And It’s True” (a harmony ballad) and “I Find I Think of You” (a jangle rocker), appear on the 1967 Cameo Records release Beg, Borrow and Steal, attributed to Mansfield pop-rockers The Ohio Express: a musical front for bubblegum producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeffry Katz of Super K Productions. (The album’s title track came from a third band, Brooklyn rockers The Rare Breed).

When Measles guitarist–singer Joe Walsh jumped ship to the James Gang, drummer Buddy Bennett (the band’s one constant member) hired guitarist Bob Webb. Before long, they welcomed singer Mary Sterpka, bassist Jeff Currey, and keyboardist Dave Andress.

Webb hailed from The Comin’ Generation, an Alliance, Ohio, garage-rock quintet that released the 1968 single “Get Out of My Life Woman” (b/w “Hey Girl”) ‎on Dupree Records. Andress played in one of several mid-sixties bands called The Chancellors (not the Lansing, Michigan, band on Fenton Records or the earlier Minneapolis band on SOMA).

After Bennett cleared out for drummer Mark Frazier, the band had no original Measles members. As definite article names went out of fashion, the band adopted the post-psych moniker Lacewing, inspired by the large green Chrysopidae. Mainstream Records, a New York jazz label, added Lacewing to its growing roster of rock acts (Bohemian Vendetta, Lincoln St. Exit, The Art of Lovin’, Ellie Pop, The Tangerine Zoo, The Orient Express, The Last Nikle).


  • Lacewing (1971)


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