La Bottega dell’Arte

La Bottega dell’Arte were an Italian folk-pop band that debuted with a single on Tomato in 1974, followed by three albums on EMI between 1975 and 1979. The band released their final album on Nuovo Sound in 1984.

Members: Piero Calabrese (vocals, keyboards), Massimo Calabrese (bass, guitar, vocals), Romano Musumarra (keyboards, flute, guitar, vocals), Alberto Bartoli (drums, percussion, vocals), Fernando Ciucci (vocals, guitar, 1974-81)


  • “Addio” / “Notturno per noi” (1974)
  • La Bottega dell’Arte (1975)
  • Dentro (1977)
  • Perros Callejeros II (OST, 1979 • Los Chunguitos / La Bottega dell’Arte)
  • L’avventura (1979)
  • Forza 4 (1984)

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