L’ Orchestre Sympathique

L’ Orchestre Sympathique were a Québécois jazz-rock band that released the album En concert à la Grande Passe on Les Disques Cadence in 1979, followed by three further titles on assorted labels during the early 1980s.

Members: Jean Vanasse (vibraphone, percussion), François Richard (flute, piano), Mathieu Léger (drums), Claude Chapleau (bass, 1976), Christopher Fleshner (bass, 1976-77), Warren Stolow (bass, 1978-80), Jacques Laurin (bass, 1980-82)


  • En concert à la Grande Passe (1979)
  • L’Orchestre Sympathique (1981)
  • Live in Detroit (1981)
  • Festival international de Jazz de Montréal (1982)

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