Krazy Kat

Krazy Kat were an English rock quintet that released two albums during the mid-to-late 1970s. The band were an offshoot of early ’70s Charisma recording artists Capability Brown.

Members: Ray Lewis (bass, vocals), Roger Bradley-Willis [Roger Willis] (drums), Grahame White (guitar), Tony Ferguson (guitar), Harry MacDonald (keyboards)

Tony Ferguson had been a member of Capability Brown with Graham White, who had earlier been with Fuzzy Duck. Ferguson had also backed singer/songwriter Risa Potters while Harry MacDonald’s name was seen on albums by Darien Spirit and String Driven Thing.

Singed to the U.K. Mountain label — then riding high with Baker Gurvitz Army, Nazareth, and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band — Krazy Kat issued their 1976 debut China Seas, from which the tracks “Thirty Love,” “Dundee Calling,” and “How They Crossed the Poll” were released as singles. Their sophomoric swansong, Troubled Air, appeared the following year. Across the channel, their two albums were issued on Dutch Vertigo.


  • China Seas (1976)
  • Troubled Air (1977)

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